MANSION 7 Authentic Shanghai Cuisine

Chinese cuisine restaurant

Located on the second floor, the new MANSION 7 Authentic Shanghai Cuisine restaurant is inspired by the elegant design of Shanghai’s old mansions in the early years of the Republic of China, with a seating capacity of 168 and 5 private rooms. Everywhere you look, you can see vintage round arches and mirrored glass made of highly textured rose bronze metal, together with custom-made subdued green leather couches and birdcage-shaped chandeliers. The birdcage-shaped chandelier, pervading the flavor of East meets West, creating a fusion of classical and modern, Eastern simplicity and Western elegance. Walking into the restaurant is like walking into an old mansion, with a refined and modest elegance, filling the dining atmosphere with the smell of Shanghai, and at the same time, conveying the character and history of the old Shanghai!

“MANSION 7 Authentic Shanghai Cuisine” is a unique Shanghainese culinary experience. Executive Chef Lu Kai Yuan likes to use his cuisine to piece together the time and trace memories with his taste buds, and each dish is a classic memory of Shanghai. With Shanghainese à la carte and set menus starting at 2,000+10%, Hampton Inn Taipei invites you to savor a taste of nostalgia!

For reservations at 🖍️, please contact 02-2506-6688 or call the hotel desk at (02)2506-9696.